AMPRO™ Handipack


¬ Ideal for repairs and other small tasks

¬ Handipack re-engineered, with improved health & safety

¬ For bonding, laminating, clear-coating & filling

¬ Idea for small repairs & projects

¬ 3 : 1 mix ratio by volume (3 pumps of resin to 1 pump of hardener)

¬ No surface residue after cure, even at +5°C

¬ Improved health & safety


AMPRO™ Handipack is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy, designed for quick repair work and small-scale construction jobs.

With its high clarity, fast, low temperature curing AMPRO™ CLR Fast hardener and easy 3:1 mix ratio by volume, AMPRO™ Handipack provides a quick and convenient way of using one epoxy system for a very wide range of tasks.


Laminating - The medium to low viscosity of the material enables it to be used for small laminating tasks, using lightweight glass fabrics.

Coating & Sheathing - The high clarity makes it a good sheathing system that can also be used as a coating to form a tough, clear film, with good moisture resistance. If the coating is to remain unpainted, the cured material should be overcoated with a UV-resistant varnish, since an unprotected epoxy coating will gradually yellow in sunlight.

Bonding & Filling - By using the Gurit range of filler powders, a Handipack resin and hardener mix can also be turned into a very effective adhesive or filling compound.


The AMPRO™ Handipack is only available in one small pack size that contains:

 290g AMPRO™ Resin

 85g AMPRO™ CLR Fast Hardener

 5ml Resin Pump

 5ml Hardener Pump