SP Gurit AMPRO SEAL Universal Epoxy System is the award winning replacement for the SP Eposeal multi purpose epoxy system from Gurit. Simple and easy to use, AMPRO SEAL is an all purpose epoxy system perfect for using to bond, coat, fill and laminate.

  • Utilises lower toxicity chemicals with reduced hazards
  • Gives a stronger and more flexible resin matric that perfect for working with wood
  • Tack free, leaving no surface residue when cured leaving sand paper clog free
  • Wide over coating window of up to 4 days with no further surface preparation
  • Waterproof, having been optimised to withstand a marine environment
  • Faster curing times at temperatures as low as 5 degrees C
  • Glossier with an improved coating performance, reducing any issues with the surface
  • Reduction of use of plastics with cardboard outer packaging
  • Greener with an accredited, bio based option using a high content of plant based chemicals
  • The professional boat builders choice for bonding, laminating and filling


  • 3 to 1 mix ration by volume
  • Perfect for sealing and priming porous surfaces
  • Fast has 1 hour working time, 1.5 hour tack off and sandable in 15 hours and 20 degrees C
  • Slow has 2.5 hour working time, 4 hour tack off and sandable in 20 hours at 20 degrees C

Gurit Ampro CLR Clear Coating Epoxy System