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PowAir Blocks quickly eliminate bad smells both safely and permanently from the air. It is a proven essential oil based odour neutraliser infused with refreshing aromatic scents. It is a complex formula of essential oils – environmentally friendly and providing you with safe odour removal in your home and business. Not forgetting that it can be used around both people and pets. Whether you choose to use PowAir Blocks as a cat litter deodoriser or inside your car, this product will provide you with constant odour removal.


The PowAir Block is ideal for pet smells around dog baskets, litter trays and toilets. 

Cars, boats and motor-homes are suitable for blocks especially when they have been in storage and subject to dampness or mustiness. The block will release its powerful odour neutralising agent and quickly eliminate smells, keeping the location free from undesirable odours. It is also very effective in other small areas and spaces such as cupboards, garbage storage, bathrooms, closets, foyers, attics, kitchens, and bedrooms. Simply remove the cap and place the container in your desired location to neutralise odours permanently.


Draw out the maximum potential of your Odour Neutralising Blocks using the PowAir Block Dispenser. Removes household odours by standing alone or being fixed to a wall. Pet safe odour neutralisation has never been easier with our natural smell remover blocks.


PowAir Block can be used to quickly eliminate smells in a variety of environments. For safe odour removal, try your PowAir Block in the following locations:

  • Kitchens
  • Litter Trays (acting as a cat litter deodoriser)
  • Cars
  • Dog Groomers

PowAir Blocks are also effective against:

  • Wet Dog Smells
  • Toilet Odours 

PowAir Block

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