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Epifanes Black Bottom is a flexible black underwater coating for the (underwater) protection of steel and wood. Also suited for repair and/or maintenance of existing (coal-)tar layers. May also be used for application above the waterline. Colour fast and resistant to alternate immersion and influences of air.

Both bare tarred as steel and wood. For proper protection of the underwater of boats needs a bare minimum a dry surface layer of 250-300 microns are applied (which is about 500 ml. Per m²).

Do not sand

Brush Application:
Epifanes Paint Thinner

Spray Application:
Epifanes 1-C spray Thinner

First coat on bare metal or existing (carbon) systems tar thinned.

After 12 hours at 18 ° C.

Recoat with:
After five days Werdol Copperfree

10 m 2 / l @ 50 micron

Recommended dry film thickness:
50 micron

Recommended wet film thickness:
100 micron


Epifanes Black Bottom

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