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A two component primer / intermediate coat on the basis of epoxy and vinyl resin.Good adhesion properties and impact resistance. Universally paintable with all types of one- and two-component paints. Because Epifanes Interim Coat contains quartz it has a rough surface with excellent mechanical adhesion of the successive layers.

Application: General adhesive for interior and exterior, above and below the waterline. Bonding layer for different antifouling no matter what brand, polyester and two components (epoxy) substrates. Sealing adhesive layer on epoxy systems.

Brush Application: Epifanes Thinner D-601

Spray Application: Epifanes Thinner D-601

Advice: Before using this product, first clean with Epifanes 1-C spray Thinner.Then let evaporate.

Recoat: After 4 hours at 18 ° C. Two component epoxy products After 24 hours at 18 ° C .: antifouling and finishes Unlimited maximum

Recoat with: Above / below the waterline: all two component epoxy products Below the waterline: all kinds of antifouling

Coverage: 8 m 2 / l @ 35 micron

Recommended dry film thickness: 35 micron

Mixing ratio in volume: 86 parts base (A): 14 parts hardener (B)

Mixing ratio by weight: 90 parts base (A): 10 parts hardener (B)

Color: white

Epifanes Interimcoat

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