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Size = 1000mm x 600mm

The Standard is a 32mm thick version of the Quietlife marine soundproofing range. This is similar to the Slimslab but with more absorbing foam to typically reduce sound by 24dB @ 500Hz.

We have chosen the best quality materials for our sound insulation range to ensure they perform to the highest standards, making them suitable for use in engine rooms as well as other areas in the boat. Each soundproofing sheet is comprised of various layers which all play an important part.

The Facing: This is the part that will be on show once the installation is complete. In the Quietlife range, all facings are RCD approved, as they are impervious to oil, water and diesel. Two options are available, a silver 'O' foil facing which has a light reflective, reinforced finish or a white glass cloth facing which is more durable and hard wearing. This sheet features the silver 'O' foil facing.

The Absorption Layer: Much of the high frequency sounds are absorbed by the layer of foam which is between the facing and the soundproofing barrier. The foam used is open celled to make the sound travel the furthest distance and therefore maximising noise absorption. It is a high density foam which also acts as a fire barrier, with a fire rating to BS476 Part 6, 1998 and Part 7, 1971. The foam will not burn, even with a blowtorch applied. The absorption layer of foam is thicker in the bigger sizes of Quietlife soundproofing, thus increasing the sound reduction properties.

The Barrier: We offer two different barrier materials which offer lower frequency noise absorption in our soundproofing sheets. The choice is between a lead barrier or a high mass 5kg/m² polymeric barrier. Lead has always been regarded as the best, but modern polymeric barriers achieve similar results while being more cost effective. When fitting to a curved surface, a lead barrier will retain its shape better than a polymeric barrier which tends to stay flat. This soundproofing sheet features a polymeric barrier.

The Mounting Foam: After the barrier there is another layer of the absorbing foam, which isolates the barrier from the mounting surface. This layer is 6mm thick in all models to help eliminate noise transfer between surfaces.

Quietlife Soundproofing with Polymeric Barrier & Silver Foil

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