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Fitting soundproofing panels to vertical surfaces or ceilings?

Whilst modern day adhesives are very good, the ambient temperature of an engine room can weaken the bond, causing the slab to peel off.

The solution is simple! Quietlife soundproofing fixing washers will hold Quietlife (and other makes) soundproofing securely to the surface.

The-non metallic construction also helps prevent sound being transmitted via the fixing screw.

- These can be screwed through the sheet to the panel.

- Recommended for underfloor and vertical bulkheads.

- Sold singularly (a typical 1000 x 600mm sheet would need 5 washers, one for each corner and one in the middle)

- Each washer has a central fix hole.

Quietlife Soundproofing Fixing Washer

SKU: 801022
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