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Sabatack 750 XL is a construction adhesive and sealant, 1-component, elastic, humidity-curing, MS polymer-based. The principle use is bonding, easy to apply with high tensile strength. Secondary use is sealing seams, overlaps and joints. Sabatack 750 XL has a medium viscosity, high modul elastic and an extended skin time and open time.

Field of application
Industrial and handmade vehicle and coachwork construction, marine, ventilation and air conditioning, electro-technology, equipment assembly, metal and tin processing, plastics technology, civil & environmental engineering and building & construction. Elastic bonding of lists, profiles, plates etc. Sealing seams, overlaps, joints and cracks. For inside- and outside applications. Fast sealing directly before painting.

SABA Sabatack Sealant 750 XL 290ml For universal bonding & sealing

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