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At the end of the sailing season the topsides and waterline are often covered with algae, seaweed, oil residue and other contamination.

If not removed quickly, this can cause permanent staining and even damage to the hull.

Seapower Hull Cleaner effectively addresses all degrees of persistent contamination.

The special formulation ensures quick and effective cleaning without attacking antifouling or waterline paint.

Spray on, allow to react and rinse, it’s that simple.

Available in 500ml.

Excellent for removing acid bird and/or spider droppings on fiberglass.

Rinse with plenty of tap water after use.

Apply Epifanes Seapower Super Poly Boat Wax to provide longlasting protection.

EPIFANES have the most effective products for every surface - cleaning and wax treatment on a regular basis does not only keep the boat tidy

but also protects it permanently against dirt and dilapidation.


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