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The Slimslab is a 23mm thick version of the Siderise marine soundproofing range. It is the thinnest we offer, so is ideal when space is limited, whilst still typically reducing sound by 23dB @ 500Hz.

We have chosen the best quality materials for our sound insulation range to ensure they perform to the highest standards, making them suitable for use in engine rooms as well as other areas in the boat. Each soundproofing sheet is comprised of various layers which all play an important part.

The Facing: This is the part that will be on show once the installation is complete. In the Siderise range, all facings are RCD approved, as they are impervious to oil, water and diesel. 

This sheet features the white glass cloth facing.

The Absorption Layer: Much of the high frequency sounds are absorbed by the layer of foam which is between the facing and the soundproofing barrier. The foam used is open celled to make the sound travel the furthest distance and therefore maximising noise absorption. It is a high density foam which also acts as a fire barrier, with a fire rating to BS476 Part 6, 1998 and Part 7, 1971. The foam will not burn, even with a blowtorch applied. The absorption layer of foam is thicker in the bigger sizes of Siderise soundproofing, thus increasing the sound reduction properties.

Siderise Soundproofing with Polymeric Barrier & White Cloth

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