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SP Microballoons are hollow phenolic resin spheres which have a distinctive reddish/brown colouration. This makes them particularly useful for cosmetic fillet joints and fillers in wood construction, as well as structural adhesives for less demanding applications on softer timbers such as cedar. Although not as waterproof as glass bubbles, microballoons are often preferred for their excellent sanding characteristics. Microballoons are not normally used with polyester or vinylester resins because they can be subject to styrene attack which may cause the spheres to collapse.
When storing microballoons, it is particularly important to exclude air as they readily absorb atmospheric moisture which will affect the performance of the filled mix.

Product Details

Composition: Phenolic Resin
Appearance: Red/Brown Powder
Particle Size: 50 microns
Particle Density: 250g/litre
Bulk Density: 100g/litre

Colloidal Silica + Microballoons + Epoxy = Fill / Fairing Mix (Above Water)

SP Microballoons Filler

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