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Proflush Marine Engine Descaler removes unwanted marine deposits from waterways including: - Scale - Light rust - Crustaceans - Salt deposits - Magnetite

With a colour indicator you can clearly see when all scale and deposits are neutralised as the liquid will remain a constant colour once it’s work is completed.

Proflush marine engine descaler is a fast acting and powerful descaler which will remove unwanted marine deposits including scale, salt deposits, light rust, magnetite and crustaceans which can cause blockages and engine cooling problems and significantly reduce the engines performance.

Proflush marine engine descaler has been specifically formulated for marine engines and is a synergistic blend of acids which work more effectively together than if they are used separately. It also contains, inhibitors and a colour indicator which shows you when the job is done.

When Proflush is still actively neutralising deposits, you will see effervescence and a colour change from red to orange, once all the scale and deposits present have been successfully dealt with, the effervescence will stop. Addition of more product, which should remain red in colour, means that all deposits have been neutralised.

The Proflush formula is based on on of our highly effective and very popular products which has long been used to remove scale and magnetite deposits from domestic and commercial central heating systems.

The biggest change we’ve made is the addition of the colour indicator, this shows when the product has been exhausted and indicates the need for more product to be added. Proflush starts a Red/Pink colour and changes to Orange as it becomes exhausted showing more product is required. Once the fluid remains it’s red/pink colour, this shows that all deposits have been neutralised and there is nothing left for Proflush to work on!

One of the other big changes is the additional corrosion inhibitor, this ensures it is safe to use on all metals commonly found in marine waterways.

Calculations and testing have shown that Proflush will remove just over a kilo of scale (1.09 kg) per 1 litre of product used, making this a superbly economic product to use, plus it can be used with any engine descaling equipment or even a low-cost submersible pump.


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